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" You have made a huge impact

on our marriage and our family.

We are blessed to have had you 

 in our lives. "


What does Destin mean?

The name "Destin" was determined after careful consideration. Destin is of French origin and suggests destiny, and it is of divine inspiration and guidance that I begin this journey.  


Destin is also a French surname that means "by the still waters." This powerful image is consistent with my belief that when all is crashing down around us, we need to find respite and refocus.  No matter your struggle, let's work together by the still waters to help you find peace.


For Couples

Are you at a crossroads in your marital relationship? It has been said that "marriage is the institution that holds two people together as they fall in and out of love." In short, two people in love - married or otherwise - will experience a challenge at some point that tests the limits of individual tolerance and their commitment to each other.


For Families
For Adolescents

Family life can be a source of strength and joy for many. However, most families experience challenges at some point whether it is coping with a child who is "changing before your very eyes"; or you and your mate are struggling with different parenting styles; or you are dealing with the heartache of an affair, unemployment, or caring for an elderly parent. 

What is more frustrating then feeling like people just don't get you, or feeling like you don't fit in? Or maybe you are feeling the stress of getting good grades so that you can get into the college of your choice. The pressures of living a life so close to adulthood and yet so far away can result in feelings that sometimes you can not even describe.

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