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I have been practicing since 2010, and believe in a collaborative approach and relationship with my clients that preserves their right to self-determination and holds an unconditional positive regard for each person I encounter. Let's work together so that you might find the same sense of well-being and peace that these women, men and families have found. I look forward to working with you.

"I very much appreciate what you have done to help me finally recognize what I had been doing to my wife and my family for so long with my anger. You are amazing."

"J.T. - My husband trusts and respects you. He hears your voice. Thank you for the time and energy that you invest in him, in us. I am truly grateful for you.​"

"I'm usually not "that guy." I didn't think I would ever be open to coaching. Thanks for making this easy for me."

"JT., you have helped my son adapt during my divorce and his transition from high school to college. You are fantastic! You have done such a good job of building trust and confidence... Without a doubt, you have had a tremendous impact on my son, me and our relationship."

"J.T., my wife and I were clients a few years ago along with our daughters.

We are all doing extremely well now, in large part because of your work...

Thanks for being there when we needed you."

"The sessions we did with you before we got married helped me to get to this point.​ I don't know where we would be without you. I hope you will make the wedding."

"I very much enjoyed meeting you today and look forward to future sessions. I was surprised at how many subjects we covered and how many you understood about me in just one session."

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