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Whether in couples format or in our intensive "marriage magic" package, you and your mate will acquire tools to communicate differently (without criticism, defensiveness, or stonewalling); understand patterms that contribute to conflict, and learn techniques that will allow safe and hopeful change.

For Couples
For Families
For Adolescents
For Individuals
For Men

Family counseling can help you make difficult decisions together in an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. Oftentimes it is a professional and objective third party that will help you get "unstuck". Let Destin Counseling Services help you resolve challenges that produce toxic and broken relationships.

In adolescent counseling, we work together in a supportive and collaborative fashion. I want to help you make sense of all that is going on; help you negotiate the dichotomy of wanting more independence while simultaneously needing to rely on others, and help you identify behaviors that lead to a more successful transition to young adulthood.

Whether it is due to a significant life event,or because you encounter a difficult transition point within the individual or family life cycle, some challenges feel outside our ability to overcome. Together, we will work to challenge negative self-talk; learn constructive ways to deal with anger, disappointment and change; and perhaps of equal value, learn the 8 stages of problem-solving that may prevent a return of unproductive behavior.

My approach allows you to gain clarity and appropriate insight into behavior that may have resulted in being unable to get out of your own way. In working with men over the years, I have helped them to see that seeking assistance is not a sign of weakness, but rather it is a tool to help uncover blindspots that prevent men from being who they wish to be as men, husbands and fathers.

At Destin, we will work together to strengthen and deepen your understanding of self and guide you  toward a path of personal growth. I utilize both a client-centered and strength-based approach to counseling. This intervention can be of significant value to those seeking to discover a purpose-driven life; both personally and professionally. I believe in a collaborative approach and a relationship with you that allows you to claim the life you wish to have.

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